Our products

Hydromechanical equipment made in France

With a range of 135 types of hydromechanical equipment, HPL Engineering is able to offer you standard or made-to-measure equipment, adapted to the specific requirements of your project. Our team is at your disposal to advise you in defining the most appropriate product for your needs.

Water collection

Flushing bucket, Flap valve, penstock valve, flow distribution valve, etc : find all our water collection products.


Fiwed cone valve, butterfly valvle, segment gate, wagon gate valve, etc : find all our dam valves.

Pipe protection

Air inlet valve, , automatic shut off safety valve, etc : find all our pipe protection products.


Fixed screen strainer, Strainer, self-cleaning strainer, rotating drum, rotating filter, etc : find all our filtration products.

Level regulation

Equilibrated float valve, VANAC or VANIS, Telescopic valve,etc : find all our irrigation products.


Linear check valve, Ball check valve, upstream pressure stabilizer, Gate valve, etc : find all our pumping products.

Flow or pressure regulation

Flow regulation valve, VANAREG, Needle valve, etc : find all our regulation products.

Our company

Discover HPL Engineering: its areas of expertise, its history, its teams.

Our values

Preserving water, manufacturing in France, enhancing the local economic fabric: discover the values of our company.

Design Office

Nos équipements répondent aux critères de dimensionnement des codes de construction internationaux.

Equipment manufacturing

Our equipment meets the sizing criteria of international construction codes.