Our design office


We carry out the concept and the 3D design of the hydromechanical equipment best suited to your special needs
HPL Engineering


Our products complies with the design criteria of international computation codes*.
*Application of international codes (EUROCODE 3 / DIN19704 – CODAP – ASME)


We provide you with reliable and accurate technical solutions through our expertise in numerical simulations*.
*Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Structural computation by Finite Element (FE) method

Our expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Specializing in fluid dynamics, our hydraulical engineers study your most challenging flow problems, assisted by CFD softwares.

Among the issues we take care of:
• Pressure losses
• Hydrodynamic forces
• Cavitation
• Steady or unsteady flow
• Analysis of vortices or fluid recirculation
• Free surface

Structural computation by Finite Element method

Through the expertise of our engineers and the use of computation tools, our design office can verify the structural behavior of hydromechanical equipments.

• Study of the static or vibratory behavior through the use of the Finite Element methods.
• Predictions of stress and strain of the structures, under real conditions of load specific to each project.
• Analysis of the numerical results and comparison to the theoretical predictions.


The standard and specific products of HPL Engineering are designed according to the industry standards.

• Verification of the mechanical strength of all equipments, according to the international computation codes: Eurocode 3 / DIN19704 – CODAP – ASME
• Sizing justification by computation notes: structure, operating system, resisting forces, civil engineering forces
• Analytical computation of material strength and continuum mechanics.

3D Design and technical drawing

Our design office handles the entire 3D design of the equipments using the highly adaptive CAO software SolidEdge @Siemens :

• Accurate description of the entire set of parts, taking into account the customer specific demands.
• Numerical installation of the equipment into the customer concrete structure.
• Completion of customer technical drawings in the study phase before manufacturing: clutter, installation with lowering of the load, assembly, nomenclature.
• Completion of Internal manufacturing technical drawings.
• Traceability of design and parts for manufacturing.
Our engineers and graphic designers carry out the conception of standard and specific products according to the international computation norms. To offer you the most up to date solution, they rely on an expertise of several decades and the patents of Mr. Pierre Lezier, original founder of the company.

Equipment manufacturing

We maintain the quality of our equipment by integrating the entire production cycle on our site in Savoie.

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Our wide range of hydromechanical equipment enables us to operate in a variety of sectors.

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Design Office

Nos équipements répondent aux critères de dimensionnement des codes de construction internationaux.

Equipment manufacturing

Our equipment meets the sizing criteria of international construction codes.