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Types of Products

Automatic Shut-off Safety Valve ND 1600 NP 10

Canal Regulation Vanis 350/220

HPL Engineering offers a complete range of

Standard products
Specific products

Pierre LEZIER, the founder of HPL Engineering, has acquired over 50 years of experience in hydro-mechanics and is nationally and internationally recognized for the realization of numerous hydro-mechanical projects. Mr. Lezier is the inventor and owner of several patents, including, among others, a pressure reducer, an automatic shut-of safety valve, and an actuator for hollow jet valves.
Today, the company is directed by his sons, Bruno and Eric Lezier, who have worked to continue developing the company’s reputation for innovation and solid workmanship established by years of superior product design.

Today, the continuation of this company is assured by his sons, who have at heart to continue and develop the company's reputation for innovation and solid worksmanship that has been acquired over the years of designing superior products.

Standard Products – Our expertise has allowed us to develop modular designs with a common platform that allow for the highest quality of standard products.

Specific Products – Our specialty. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide solutions to meet detailed specifications of our customers.


For example :

Hydraulically-operated float Valve ND 900 operating with 1m of water column

Air release valve NP 100

Safety valve NP 160

Flow regulating valve 1500x1500 mm for storm basin with 6.5 m of water column

Canal regulation valve VANIS 350/220 (width 5.5 m x Height 4 m)

Ball check valve ND 600 NP 10

Large-size racking machine : width 2,5 m X height of rejection 17 m

No matter what your projects are, please do not hesitate to consult us for custom products.