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HPL Engineering designs and realizes its line of products with respect to Internal Quality Procedures.

Parametric 3D CAD software

Boilermaking of oversize parts

Flow modelisation with finite element method

Calculation by finite element method

Our step-by-step quality control intervenes at various stages during the product development:

Conception design – Use of design codes (EN13445 - DIN 19 704 - ASME - CODAP)

Long-term accountability of the designs and calculations. The Engineering and Design Department, composed of engineers and draftsmen, uses 3D CAD software and finite element method software for modeling and calculations.

Accountability – All materials are traceable for accountability and reliability purposes (3- 1b certificate)

Welding – Qualified welders, Welding Procedure Qualification, inspection of the welding procedure and the quality of weld

Machining – Inspection of the geometry and roughness of the realized design

Anti-corrosion coating – Quality and thickness inspections

Assembly – Internal assembly procedures (assembly blueprint with detailed part list) and on-site completion notices

Tests – Pre-shipping procedures and inspections, including a series of checks and controls as defined in the following list:

      • Pressure tests and sealing according to standard NFE 29 311

      • Maneuverability and function tests

Packing: Specific packing carried out upon request

Logistics – Our experience with international shipping has led us to overview the control and the logistics of transportation, regardless of the dimension of the equipment