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HPL Engineering designs and creates hydro-mechanical equipment for waste water treatment plants, dams, pressurized ducts, conduits, and the filtration, irrigation, pumping and distribution of liquids.


In its quest for a better system of irrigation and supply of drinkable water, the country of Alge [...]

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A renowned expertise of water management for over three generations

50 years of experience in France and abroad.

HPL Engineering specializes in the design and realization of specific and standard equipment, according to the highest specification of international manufacturing codes (CODAP, ASME, DIN19-704)

Effective solutions for pressure regulation and water output in drinkable water pipes and the fire hydrant system

Equipment for level or flow regulation used for irrigation with open air canals or storage basins

A specialist in the realization of winnow guard and drains for dams and water barriers

A constant concern for the treatment and respect of the environment with the development of higher-performance equipment (100% watertight valves for water treatment ponds, storm drain basins with an outflow superior to 1m3/s) and proper management of the worksite

Interactive answers in response to the need of the fluids transport industry (valves and clappers for gas transport, water vapour and cooling circuits)