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Canal irrigation valve

HPL Engineering designs and creates canal irrigation valves and other hydromechanical equipments for dams, waste water treatment plants and conduits, like the sluice gate, flap valve or canal irrigation valve.



Our canal irrigation valves and other equipments

HPL Engineering is specialized in the conception and realization of specific or standard equipment for pumping, irrigation, distribution of liquids and filtration, according to the highest specification of international manufacturing codes (ASME, CODAP, DIN19-704).

Our canal irrigation valves are concieved, like our other products, with a permanent concern for the respect of the environment, with the development of better performing equipment and respect of the site.

HPL Engineering offers a complete range of standard and specific products. Specific Products are our speciality. We pride ourselves in the capacity of providing solutions to the specifications of our customers : canal irrigation valve, canal irrigation valve, wheel gate valve...

All the products designed and manufactured by HPL Engineering (sluice gate, penstock valve, canal irrigation valve...) are produced in conformity with the French, European and International standards.

We design and carry out all its line of products in the respect of Internal Quality Procedures. Our step-by-step quality control intervenes at various stages of the canal irrigation valve development : boiler making - welding, conception design, provisioning, packing, machining, logistics, assembly and tests.


Other products related to canal irrigation valve :


HPL Engineering designs and creates hydro-mechanical equipment for waste water treatment plants, dams, pressurized ducts, conduits, and the filtration, irrigation,[..]. In its quest for a better system of irrigation and supply of drinkable water, the country of Algeria recently acquired


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